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digital business simplified

bstarOne Toolkit.

Build, manage, and grow your digital business with the bstarOne toolkit - it's among the most extensive toolkits tailored for digital business needs.

Make your digital business tasks easier with our comprehensive toolkit. From website builders to e-commerce applications, marketing automation, customer relationship management to AI tools: bstarOne's toolkit covers everything you need for a thriving digital business. Simplify, automate, succeed: bstarOne's integrated tools streamline your digital journey for faster growth.

1 - Build tech stack

Step 1 - Choose the business tools you need and build your tech stack in minutes. Or we do it for you.

2 - Set up applications

Step 2 - bstarExperts are on hand to assist you with setting up the applications for your business.

3 - Connect and automate

Step 3 - We help you connect your applications and get the benefits from process automation.

At a glance - bstarOne Toolkit.

All Applications and Services included in the bstarOne Toolkit.

Email Marketing

  • bstarMailer - Experience Professional Email Marketing
    Take Control of Your Email Campaigns.
  • Email verification - Don't Get Blacklisted!
    Protect Your Sender Reputation with Email Verification.
  • bstarLeads - Build Targeted Email Lists
    Struggling to build a targeted email list? bstarLeads, our managed service, streamlines the process.

SEO Marketing

  • bstarSEO toolset - Unlock Greater Visibility and Lead Generation
    Empower Your Business with the Tools to Drive More Customers to Your Doorstep.
  • bstarSEO reports - Get valuable insights, and concise information.
    On-site audit to effortlessly generate comprehensive SEO reports.
  • bstarSEO backlinks - Boost Your Rankings with Powerful Backlinks.
    Our comprehensive backlink building service helps you acquire high-quality backlinks from relevant websites, boosting your search engine ranking and driving organic traffic.

More Marketing Applications

  • bstarSocial - Maximize Your Reach.
    Efficiently manage your social media presence by scheduling multiple posts across diverse profiles and networks simultaneously.
  • bstarPartners - Start Boosting Your Online Revenue.
    Our top-tier Affiliate Management System is designed to make your e-commerce experience easier and more efficient than ever before.
  • bstarEngage - Increase Your Conversions.
    With bstarEngage, businesses can use 14 customizable widgets to showcase coupons, capture customer feedback, and even convert visitors into customers.

Content Creation

  • bstarAI Content Creator - Create Unique Content Instantly.
    Turbocharge your content creation with AI. Generate unique, plagiarism-free content effortlessly, enhance existing material in multiple languages, and even create images by describing your vision. Save time, cut costs, and boost your content quality seamlessly.
  • bstarPixa - Empower Your Creativity.
    Elevate Your Design Game with Pre-designed Templates, Powerful Editing, and Seamless Social Media Customization!
  • bstarTools - Little helpers to make simple tasks easier.
    Achieve More with 140+ bstarTools. Image tools. Website management. Keyword tools. Text analysis and more.

Build Pages & Websites

  • bstarPages One-Page Builder.
    Build stunning one page websites and landing pages within seconds
  • bstarPages Multi-Page Builder.
    Build entire static websites with unlimited pages
  • bstarSites - Build dynamic Websites.
    Craft Professional Corporate, E-commerce, and More with bstarSites in Minutes!
  • bstarShop - Start Selling in No Time.
    Create beautiful e-commerce websites with no coding required.
  • bstarBooking - Professional Appointment Booking Made Simple.
    Get Appointment Booking Done Right with bstarBooking.
  • bstarAna - Gain Insights into Your Web Performance.
    bstarAna empowers you to monitor visitor behavior, assess user engagement, and receive immediate feedback on your website's performance. Analyze web traffic, monitor page performance, and obtain valuable insights into the user experience.


  • bstarAI Sales & Support - Revolutionize Customer Engagement with bstarAI.
    Deploy multiple AI chatbots, each tailored to specific sales and support needs. Train and enhance performance through user interaction analysis, ensuring improved problem-solving capabilities.
  • bstarCRM - Make Your Business Life Easier.
    bstarCRM streamlines processes, centralizes customer data, and enhances organization. Create custom workflows, tailor customer profiles, automate reports, and provide top-notch service. Keep clients satisfied effortlessly with bstarCRM.
  • Leads & Opportunities - included in bstarCRM.
    Effectively manage your opportunities and nurture leads into paying customers.
  • Workflow Automation - included in bstarCRM.
    Use robust project and estimate workflow automation capabilities to streamline your sales process.
  • Invoices. Subscriptions & Payments - included in bstarCRM.
    bstarCRM enables you to create invoices with many options, such as time billing, product billing, task billing, etc.
  • Estimates/Quotations - included in bstarCRM.
    Create and email estimates to your customers. This enables your customers to easily review and accept the estimates, streamlining the process and fostering a higher level of engagement.
  • Project Management & Templates - included in bstarCRM.
    Task Management with advanced task cloning, task timers, task reminders features.
  • bstarForms - Up Your Business Game with bstarForms.
    This is a managed service. We create visually appealing, multipurpose forms that seamlessly blend with the design of your website. You tell us what you want and we do it for you.

Global Services

  • bstarSpace - Say Goodbye to Slow Performance.
    Unleash powerful web hosting for seamless content management. Instant global replication ensures up-to-date and accessible data. CDN integration enhances performance, while user-friendly FTP & SFTP tools make data management a breeze.
  • bstarCloud - Scale your business.
    bstarCloud operates as a managed service, wherein we handle certain cloud service tasks for you. For instance, you have the flexibility to relocate or duplicate your bstarSites or bstarShops to other data center locations or install demo data sets to speed up your setup processes.
  • bstarDNS - We manage your domains.
    Elevate your domain management with bstarDNS – an ultra-fast DNS platform tailored for the next generation of applications. Seamlessly connect your domains and entrust us with your Domain and DNS settings.
  • bstarVideo - Streaming that just works. At any scale.
    Enhance user experience and ensure unbeatable performance and reliability for your video content with our cutting-edge CDN system. This is a managed service. bstarVideo guarantees exceptional quality and seamless delivery for your customers.