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bstarMailer Changelog

Release May-06 2024

[New Feature] - Added delivery server quota for second and minute
[New Feature] - Added Brevo as delivery server type using web api
[New Feature] - Added ability for segments to filter subscribers that did not open and/or did not click campaigns, in addition to the existing ability to select subscribers that did open and did click campaigns
[New Feature] - Added ability to set the IP Pool for Sendgrid delivery servers
[New Feature] - Added the possibility to archive campaigns that are sent
[New Feature] - Added new statistics graph for the campaigns delivery stats in the campaign overview 
[New Feature] - Added the ability to restrict the number of the responses per responder for a survey
[New Feature] - 
[Improvement ] - We changed the way we count and find subscribers for segments using the ANY operator, improving performance dramatically
[Improvement ] - Headers for bounces, complaints, etc, will now be html decoded during the parsing process by the bounce handler
[Improvement ] - URLs from XML/JSON feed are now available for selection in the list of URLs used to take action against subscribers and/or to change subscribers custom fields on click
[Improvement ] - List import/export/sync can now properly handle multi-value fields and allow you to define your custom separator for multi-values. You can also define the action to take when importing and values already exists, either replace existing values or merge them
[Improvement ] - In order to prevent template engine syntax errors, we're now doing syntax validation check if the template engine is enabled
[Fixed] - Various bugs


R4 | Feb-06 2024

Initial release

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