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Let us construct and shape your business for success.
  • The evolution of website building.

    Witness the evolution of website building as we revolutionize the process from start to finish. Discover the seamless building process and explore our demos. Unlock the power of a well-designed, affordable website like never before.

    At bstardigital, we are dedicated to simplifying the digital business landscape. One crucial aspect for business owners is having a professional website or online platform. Traditionally, hiring someone to create such a website would cost you at least 500 USD or more. However, with our streamlined processes, proprietary applications, and extensive experience, we offer the opportunity to obtain a professionally designed business website at a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Get in touch.

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    Create a new ticket and reach out to us. Our average response time is less than 24 hours.

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Building process explained.

  • Information Submission
    Please submit the relevant information about your business. We will supply you with a unique link where you can easily share this information with us.
  • Business Development
    Our dedicated business development team will review the links you've shared and create an exceptional concept for your digital business platform.
  • Build Team Takes Over
    Our skilled build team will take charge and begin constructing your digital business platform using the concept developed in the previous step.
  • Platform Presentation
    Once your new platform is ready, we'll send you a link with all the details. If you need any modifications, just inform us and we'll make the necessary changes.

What's included.

  • At a glance
    We create customized business websites and online platforms according to our clients' specific requirements. To achieve this, we leverage our proprietary suite of bstarOne business applications.
  • We construct your platform
    We build your platform using our bstarOne applications: bstarSites, bstarShop, bstarPages, bstarBooking.and bstarForms.
  • Choose the data center location
    Select from our global network of data centers to host your business website or platform.
  • Tailored to Your Requirements
    We create a business website or online platform that precisely caters to your business needs.
  • More applications included
    You have access to bstarOne's entire product line, and after the building process, you can use all the apps and tools to boost and manage your business.

Demo Sites.

Check out some live demo sites.