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Experience Professional Email Marketing.
  • bstarMailer.

    bstarMailer is the perfect tool for business owners looking to strengthen their marketing campaigns. This powerful email marketing tool provides users with a range of features including email tracking, campaign statistics, campaign scheduling and a comprehensive email template builder.

    With bstarMailer's intuitive and professional user interface, you'll be able to craft and distribute effective campaigns quickly and easily. With bstarMailer, you can rapidly grow your customer base and increase your sales potential.

Your bstarMailer licenses.

bstarMailer is included in our bstarOne packages. You can see the number of licenses that can be issued for you in the list based on your subscription plan. You can easily add more licenses at any time.
With bstarOne, unlock a world of possibilities to optimize and streamline your digital business.
  • bstarOne Entrepreneur
    No. of licenses: 3 / Unlimited campaigns
  • bstarOne Agency
    No. of licenses: 5 / Unlimited campaigns
  • bstarOne Free Trial
    No. of licenses: 1 / Unlimited campaigns

Take Control of Your Email Campaigns.

  • At a glance
    bstarMailer emerges as the ideal solution for entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their marketing initiatives. This robust email marketing platform offers a diverse set of functionalities such as email tracking, campaign statistics, scheduled campaigns, and an extensive email template builder.
  • Email Tracker
    Open rate, delivery rate, bounced, clicks, unique click
  • Create Email Groups / lists
    Bulk Import feature, Email list / group management, Email bounce checker
  • Email template Builder
    Create Email Templates with Email template Builder
  • Queue Management
    Schedule management, Queue Tracker, Restart Queue, Retry failed Jobs Queue