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bstarOne applications to build

Websites & Platforms.

Construct business platforms for success.
  • At a glance.

    bstarOne offers a comprehensive suite of applications designed to help you build the website or platform you ever wanted. Let’s explore each of these tools:

  • bstarBooking:
    bstarBooking is a professional online booking solution designed to make it easier for your business to manage and organize appointments. It comes with Easy-to-use design settings, smart integrations and can be integrated into any website.
  • bstarPages:
    bstarPage Landing: The platform offers a collection of 100 professionally designed templates, catering to a diverse array of niches. Regardless of your background or skill level, crafting a striking, responsive, and exceptionally functional single-page site is a breeze with just a few simple steps.
    bstarPage Multi: We are in the process of finalizing the development phase and expect to be able to launch this application by the end of Q2, 2024.
  • bstarSites:
    Make a Professional Impression with bstarSites. No-coding skills required. Easy to customize. With the bstarSites app, design corporate, course-selling, hotel room booking, e-commerce, charity/donation, portfolio, and business websites in just minutes.
  • bstarShop:
    This platform empowers businesses to efficiently sell both shippable and downloadable items. Boasting an intuitive user interface and a suite of potent features, bstarShop expedites the process of launching your shop.
  • Build Pro Services:
    Our Build Pro Services can create any custom digital business platform you need, or we can assist with smaller tasks. If the above applications don't meet your needs, this service is a great option.