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Sometimes, one business page is all you need.
  • bstarCards.

    Are you looking for a simple, yet professional way to present yourself and your business? With bstarCards, you can create and share personalized business information quickly and easily.

    bstarCards makes it easy to showcase all the important information about your business in one place. From contact information, to website links, to services and more, you can make sure your potential customers and partners have the information they need to contact you. Plus, you can even link your page to your domain, so you are sure to make a lasting impression.

    bstarCards is integrated into the bstarSites application. Log in with your bstarSites user credentials and navigate to the vCard Management section.

Your bstarCards licenses.

bstarCards is included in our bstarOne packages. You can see the number of licenses that can be issued for you in the list based on your subscription plan. You can easily add more licenses at any time.
With bstarOne, unlock a world of possibilities to optimize and streamline your digital business.
  • bstarOne Entrepreneur
    No. of licenses: 100
  • bstarOne Agency
    No. of licenses: 100
  • bstarOne Free Trial
    No. of licenses: 1

A simple, yet professional way to present yourself and your business.

  • At a glance
    bstarCards simplifies the process of consolidating crucial business details in one location. Whether it's contact information, website links, services, or more, ensure that potential customers and partners have the necessary information to reach out.
  • Brand Identitiy
    Establish a professional brand identity with our bstarCard solution. Stand out in search engine results by securing a .com domain, the preferred choice for search engines due to its perceived authority and relevance.
  • Professional and well-designed
    A professional and well-designed digital business Card: a visually appealing and professionally designed bstarCard that serves as an online business page.
  • bstarDNS
    Lnk your bstarCard to your domain for a lasting and impactful impression.