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Craft Professional Corporate, E-commerce, and More with bstarSites in Minutes!
  • bstarSites.

    Present Yourself Professionally: With the bstarSites app, design corporate, course-selling, hotel room booking, e-commerce, charity/donation, portfolio, and business websites in just minutes. Moreover, the business website's frontend is compatible with multiple languages and supports RTL orientation.

    Unlock the Potential: Our bstarSites app is packed with a ton of features, ensuring a comprehensive toolkit for your website needs. Experience the ease-of-use with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and customize your site. Stay ahead with regular updates, introducing new add-ons and features to keep your website fresh and dynamic.

Your bstarSites licenses.

bstarSites is included in our bstarOne packages. You can see the number of licenses that can be issued for you in the list based on your subscription plan. You can easily add more licenses at any time.
With bstarOne, unlock a world of possibilities to optimize and streamline your digital business.
  • bstarOne Entrepreneur
    No. of licenses: 5
  • bstarOne Agency
    No. of licenses: 10
  • bstarOne Free Trial
    No. of licenses: 1

Build professional websites quickly.

  • At a glance
    Make a Professional Impression with bstarSites. No-coding skills required. Easy to customize.
  • 12 Website Themes
    Choose a theme tailored to your needs. Opt for themes ranging from business and portfolio to hotel, course management, and donation options.
  • E-commerce
    Sell your online courses, both digital and shippable products, integrate donation capabilities, and provide booking options for rooms, tours, and beyond.
  • Multi-language and RTL-support
    Enhance Accessibility: Embrace diverse audiences with our Multi-language and RTL-support feature, ensuring seamless navigation and readability for users across various languages and text orientations.
  • Available in multiple regions
    Global Accessibility: bstarSites is available in all our data centers worldwide. Enjoy reliable performance and accessibility from any corner of the globe.